Thai Chuan Rubber Co., Ltd.

TCR is the specialized rubber band manufacturer. We produce rubber band to satisfy customer requirement in every industries. We export our products to the major markets in USA , Europe, Asia , and throughout the world with the highest standard.

High Quality

Our 30 years experience in business can guarantee the high quality of our products.

Reasonable price

TCR is located in the south of Thailand , the largest source of rubber material. With the advantage of TCR location brings the most reasonable price to our users.

Customized production

We are flexible in customized production. The special size rubber band with specific application is available e.g. agricultural user, office supplies, post band.


128 Klong Ngae-Nathavee Rd. Pungla, Sadao, Songkhla 90170 Thailand
Tel. +66-74-541075, +66-74-541166    Fax. +66-74-541425